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The New Sailor Scouts

Chibi-Usa's Info

Chibi-Usa's Info

* indicates fanfic info
Birthday: June 30
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Favorite Color: Red, Pink
Hobby: Collecting usagi/rabbit goods
Favorite Food: Pudding
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Favorite Subject: Drawing
Worst Subject: Languages
Has Trouble With: Taking care of the house
Strong Point: Getting people to give her things
Dream: Becoming a lady
Favorite Gemstone: Diamond

Pink Moon Crystal Power, Make-Up: Her words to become EternalSailorchibimoon

Pink Lady's Freezing Kiss: One of her attacks

*Chibi-Usa can also sprout wings as her mother, Usagi could.


Chibi-Usa's Sailor fuku


Chibi-Usa with a umbrella


Chib-Usa in a wedding dress


Chib-Usa in her swimming suit

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