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The New Sailor Scouts

Sailor Quartet Info

The Sailor Quartet are the guardians of Princess Lady Serenity, and are named after four asteroids: Pallas, Ceres, Juno, and Vesta. Awakened during their slumber by Neherenia, they turn evil and become the Amazoness Quartet, then become good again with the help of Saturn and Neo-Queen Serenity in Act 42. They return in SailorStars to go with Chibimoon to the 20th century.
Pallas Info: Pallas is the insane one of the Quartet. Extremely childish, whenever she wants to say something about herself, she says, "Pallas wants" or "Pallas thinks" or "Pallas likes," et cetera. Although the others sometimes dismiss her as simply a little girl, she can at times freak them out. In one episode, she is playing with a dentist doll and a patient doll. The patient doll complains of a toothache, and the dentist's solution is simple- Pallas rips the head off of the patient doll so there is no more pain... Her magic ball is blue.
Juno Info: Juno is the acrobatic one of the group. Sort of like Vesta, she's impetuous and pretty tough. Her magic ball is green.
Vesta Info: Vesta can be considered a leader (I guess, more or less). Pretty impetuous, she was the one who decided to go against Zirconia's authority and battle her. Her magic ball is red.
Ceres Info: Ceres's favorite thing is flowers. While she appears to be the most quiet and nicest on the surface, she's really not. She can be devious when she wants to, and she's actually pretty snobby. In one episode, when she targets a painter, she has him paint a portrait of her. She takes one look at the picture and throws a fit because she thinks it is terrible and looks nothing like her, even though the portrait is very life-like. Her magic ball is yellow.
Amazoness Jungle Arrow

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